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"We look forward to collaborations
with the Lorax people on our projects.
They provide value, insight, and
efficient support on a wide variety of
sustainable strategies. They have
proven to be very resourceful for our practice."

-William A.L. Gaudreau, AIA
President, Principal
Gaudreau, Inc. Architect Planners Engineers

Monthly Archives: April 2016

Engaging in Sustainability in High School Education

On April 15, 2016, Andrea Shoaf, one of our Senior Project Managers and our Energy Services Manager, was invited to speak at South Carroll High School about sustainability and green building design.  After her speaking engagement, we asked her a few questions about the event.


Katie: Hey Andrea, we heard you had a speaking engagement last week.  Why were you asked to speak at South Carroll High School? 

Andrea: A friend of mine, Kim Johnson, is the media specialist for South Carroll High School and is working with one of their talented educators who is teaching an elective class called Advanced Design Applications.  One of the teaching modules they are learning about is Sustainable Building Design. 


K: Who did you speak to? 

A: The class elective consists of 13 high school students, sophomores through seniors.


K: We heard the students are working on a big sustainability project.  What is the assignment and how are they addressing the challenge? 

A: They will be spending 3 to 4 weeks learning about Sustainability, different applicable rating systems, and current sustainable technologies.  The module will culminate with the students pairing up and designing their own sustainable house.


K: What were some of the most interesting questions the students posed? 

A: The students were very interested in the mechanical/HVAC side of sustainability, which was right up my alley.  They asked great questions like, “what are typical mechanical systems we see in design?”  They also were very interested in renewable energy and its applications.


K: How long have you worked in the sustainable design and construction industry? 

A: I have worked in the construction/sustainable design field for over 10 years.  I started off on the construction side before switching over to sustainability consulting.


K: How has your career path taken you to this point as a senior project manager and energy analyst at Lorax Partnerships? 

A: Having a BS in Mechanical Engineering, I have always loved the principles of building, physics, and material science.  That combined with how powerful of a tool Energy Modeling is for Sustainable design has really shaped where I am now.  I love working with teams to help refine and shape their designs around efficiency and energy savings.  The best part is that most of these decisions… Continue reading


This Earth Day, in recognition of our valued clients’ and customers’ commitment to sustainability, Lorax Partnerships is kicking-off ongoing participation in a tree planting program.  Lorax has selected to participate in Replanting Our Forests, a program of the Arbor Day Foundation – a national nonprofit conservation and education organization committed to making our world greener and healthier.

Today, Lorax made a donation to the Replanting Our Forests program triggering the planting of 165 trees in our National Forests; these trees donated represent each of our 165 completed Green Building and Sustainability projects to date.  Going forward, a donation will be made to the Arbor Day Foundation’s Replanting Our Forests program for each additional completed Green Building and Sustainability project on behalf of our clients.

Each tree planted helps to protect our watershed, improve air quality, preserve wildlife habitat, stabilize soil, reduce flooding events, increase reclamation, recover riparian buffers, sequester carbon, ensure future seed sources, increase revenue-generating recreation, and create jobs.

This Earth Day, Lorax is giving thanks to our clients and customers for their commitment to sustainability and green development, while also giving back to our earth. 

With these gifts in mind, if you are looking to undertake an act of kindness on this Earth Day, consider your own contribution to https://www.arborday.org/.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Lorax Adds 3 New Accredited Professionals!


Lorax Partnerships is now 100% LEED Accredited! 

Today, our three newest employees each passed their LEED v4 Accredited Professional exams with flying colors!

From left to right, Katie Stanford passed the LEED AP O+M exam, Hailee Griesmar is now a LEED AP specializing in Neighborhood Development, and Tim Barranco is boasting a LEED AP BD+C accreditation.


These individual achievements contribute to Lorax’s overall accreditations.  All Lorax Partnerships Project Managers are now LEED Accredited Professionals, and some even hold two or more green building professional qualifications.  

While the two-hour 100-question exam was definitely a challenge, our crew passed without a hitch.  For those beginning the accreditation process, our experts have a few words of wisdom!

Guidance for studying:

  • Katie advises, “The materials for the existing buildings exam may seem overwhelming, but taking a big picture approach to indoor, outdoor, and water metering credits as well as the differentiation between the various commissioning credits make all the difference! Metering and Commissioning questions are biggies on the test!”
  • Hailee says, “For the LEED AP ND exam, make sure you know the thresholds, especially between the prerequisites and the credits that earn you points.  Be prepared to apply those thresholds to do calculations, not just memorize a percentage!”
  • Tim recommends, “For the BD+C exam, practice exams are your best friend. And don’t forget, BD+C in v4 is targeting new market sectors: data centers, warehouses/distribution centers, and hospitality… each with their own quirks for credit compliance. Read up on all the exceptions in the reference guide.” 

With a diversity of LEED Rating System accreditations under our belt, Lorax is prepared to take on any green building project!