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"We look forward to collaborations
with the Lorax people on our projects.
They provide value, insight, and
efficient support on a wide variety of
sustainable strategies. They have
proven to be very resourceful for our practice."

-William A.L. Gaudreau, AIA
President, Principal
Gaudreau, Inc. Architect Planners Engineers

Monthly Archives: June 2016

LEED v4 in 4 Minutes or Less

Lorax is all about collaboration, information sharing, and KNOWLEDGE BOMBS!  When Katie Stanford, Hailee Griesmar, and Tim Barranco passed their LEED v4 AP exams in April, they helped bring the rest of the team up to speed on the changes to v4 with the coolest Knowledge Bomb ever!  The three newly accredited professionals summarized the major changes in v4 within the Building Design and Construction (BD+C), Operations and Maintenance (O+M), and Neighborhood Development (ND) rating systems using this nifty presentation.

The rest of the crew found it so informative, fun, and fast (hence the title), that we decided to share it with you!

The presentation will scroll automatically; however, you can review the slides at your own pace using the controls found when your mouse rolls over the presentation below.  

For questions regarding LEED v4, or any inquiries about green building design and construction, please contact us here!  Our accredited professionals are always happy to help guide project teams through sustainability compliance in a range of codes, standards, and rating systems.

Mamie D Lee School

Lorax -  

Mamie D Lee School

Owner: Mamie D. Lee, LLC
Client: MCN Build
Anticipated LEED BD+C: Schools v2009 Gold                                                 

The Mamie D. Lee School was built by the District of Columbia in 1967 for “special-needs” children. After a procurement process in 2014, the City awarded the building to a team comprised of three different members: Bridges Public Charter School, Briya Public Charter School, and Mary’s Center. Bridges Public Charter School specializes in providing inclusive learning programs and environments for “special needs” children. Briya Public Charter School is a two generation program integrating adult education and early childhood education. Mary’s Center is a federally qualified health center that provides health care, family literacy and social services to individuals whose needs too often go unmet by the private systems. 

Holy Cross Hospital

Lorax - Holy Cross Hospital  

Holy Cross Hospital

Owner: Holy Cross Hospital
Client: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
Certification Level: LEED BD+C: New Construction v2.2 Gold

This major renovation and expansion project for the hospital has embraced the integrated design and construction approach. The design and construction teams work together to ensure the best design, air quality, and construction materials are incorporated into this project to benefit the patients and employees. Case Study

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center


Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

Owner: Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Client: W.M. Schlosser
Certification Level: LEED BD+C: New Construction v2009 Silver                                                                                  

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center immerses visitors in Tubman’s world through exhibits that are informative, evocative, and emotive. Understand the value of Tubman’s early years in Maryland, experience a rescue mission on the Underground Railroad, and become inspired by her work as a freedom fighter, liberator, leader, and humanitarian. Outside the Center, a walking path through the memorial garden offers a place for quiet reflection and meditation.

30×30 Nature Challenge Kickoff: Day 1

This June, Lorax had decided to participate in the 30×30 Nature Challenge.  The 30×30 Nature Challenge was originated by the Wisconsin Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council to encourage people to live healthier lives, however, we were challenged by the Maryland Chapter of the USGBC to participate and drive each other to get outside!  And we are hitting the ground running!

We plan to track progress towards our nature goals on this poster!

We plan to track progress towards our nature goals on this poster!

The challenge is to spend 30 minutes in nature, each day, for 30 days in June.  The 30×30 Nature Challenge starts today, June 1st!

We thought that the challenge would be a good excuse to soak up the sun and the nice weather in June, but it turns out there are so many more benefits to being outside than just getting a tan!

We learned that average Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors and more than 6 hours per day in front of screens.  This mass indoor epidemic has caused many symptoms both personal and professional, including stress, obesity, heart disease, asthma, depression, reduced productivity, lower job satisfaction, and higher rates of absenteeism.  But how do we undo these ailments? The answer is simple: get outside!  We have learned that just being outside has a whole range of benefits.

Did you know:

  • Nature breaks and green time reduces stress.
  • One hour in nature can boost attention span by 20%
  • Four days away from electronic devices can increase creativity by 50%
  • Just two minutes in nature can reduce stress, muscle tension, and blood pressure.
  • One hour in nature can improve memory and attention span by 20%.
  • More than two days in nature can boost cancer fighting white blood cells by 50%
  • Gardening reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

How do we plan to meet the challenge?

The 30×30 Nature Challenge is a great opportunity to examine your daily routine- some people may find they’re getting 30 minutes of outdoor activity each day without realizing it, perhaps walking or biking to work, taking the dog out, gardening, or running errands. Others may use it as a chance to rethink their schedule, swapping an episode of the latest Netflix series for some quality time in the great outdoors.  At Lorax, we have each developed a plan to achieve our goal!

Katie Fink plans to participate in outdoor… Continue reading