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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230




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Careers at Lorax

Lorax Adds 3 New Accredited Professionals!


Lorax Partnerships is now 100% LEED Accredited! 

Today, our three newest employees each passed their LEED v4 Accredited Professional exams with flying colors!

From left to right, Katie Stanford passed the LEED AP O+M exam, Hailee Griesmar is now a LEED AP specializing in Neighborhood Development, and Tim Barranco is boasting a LEED AP BD+C accreditation.


These individual achievements contribute to Lorax’s overall accreditations.  All Lorax Partnerships Project Managers are now LEED Accredited Professionals, and some even hold two or more green building professional qualifications.  

While the two-hour 100-question exam was definitely a challenge, our crew passed without a hitch.  For those beginning the accreditation process, our experts have a few words of wisdom!

Guidance for studying:

  • Katie advises, “The materials for the existing buildings exam may seem overwhelming, but taking a big picture approach to indoor, outdoor, and water metering credits as well as the differentiation between the various commissioning credits make all the difference! Metering and Commissioning questions are biggies on the test!”
  • Hailee says, “For the LEED AP ND exam, make sure you know the thresholds, especially between the prerequisites and the credits that earn you points.  Be prepared to apply those thresholds to do calculations, not just memorize a percentage!”
  • Tim recommends, “For the BD+C exam, practice exams are your best friend. And don’t forget, BD+C in v4 is targeting new market sectors: data centers, warehouses/distribution centers, and hospitality… each with their own quirks for credit compliance. Read up on all the exceptions in the reference guide.” 

With a diversity of LEED Rating System accreditations under our belt, Lorax is prepared to take on any green building project!

Continuing Education and Energy Efficiency Payback

IMG_4246For Lorax, continuing education is a critical component of our ongoing development as a company.  We are not only a relationships company, but also a company that is keyed into the industry and up to date on current technologies, sustainable strategies, and green building incentives.  In March, Lorax attended both the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) 2016 National Symposium on Market Transformation as well as the National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference & Exposition.  Here is what we gleaned:

  • On the whole, existing buildings in the United States use more energy than any country’s total energy use except China and the U.S.
  • Certain upgrades to your building’s mechanical, interior lighting, and envelope since 2006 can be claimed as a tax deduction for this year’s taxes, via EPAct 179D.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality can sway employee productivity by 4-6%.
  • ASHRAE has developed a new standard for commissioning of existing buildings (ASHRAE 0.2-2015, Commissioning Process for Existing Building Systems and Assemblies) which can help update an existing building to meet current facility requirements. Existing building commissioning only costs about $0.30/SF and has a simple payback of 1.1 years.
  • The capital cost to purchase and install on-site solar systems has fallen 60% since 2010.
  • There is a 30% federal tax credit for residential and commercial solar projects, called the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which will expire on December 31, 2016, with the possibility of being renewed until 2022.

The major take-away from our recent learning opportunities is that buildings, particularly existing buildings, have the greatest opportunity for energyIMG_4242 efficiency out of all energy consumers.  Now is the prime time to capitalize on these energy efficiency opportunities through incentives, short simple payback, lower costs, federal tax credits, and higher employee productivity. We can help you get the best bang for your buck through first cost payback as well as operational savings when it comes to high performance buildings!

Why Social Media Matters

On Friday, September 25th, Lorax Partnerships was highlighted by the US Green Building Council Maryland Chapter in their Feature Friday initiative as a Social Media Champion.   See the feature image below.

Lorax Feature Friday

Why would a Green Building and Sustainability Consulting Firm take pride in being featured as a “Social Media Champion?”  Why do we care about connecting on social media if our mission is to “provide our clients the means to minimize their environmental impact, where they work and how they work, while helping them save money and improve their bottom line?”  Social media engagement is certainly not explicitly outlined in our mission statement!

The answer is; we are a relationship based business.  Having worked with over 80 architectural and engineering firms, multitudes of civil and landscape architects, commissioning firms, energy modelers, renewable energy providers, local utilities and environmental agencies at both the federal and state levels, our partnerships are strong creating an expansive knowledge base.  Our relationships are symbiotic; our partners help us expedite the green building process, while we advocate for and promote our partners.

Social media is an avenue to reinforce and grow our relationships.  We strengthen our relationships via social media by sharing what we are learning with those who might benefit from the knowledge transfer; highlighting how our clients are making waves in the industry through innovation; connecting with our partners at events; and giving credit for achievement to those who deserve it. 

In this digital age, we recognize that relationships are no longer solely about face to face interaction.  We strive to remain a relationship based business using whatever means are at our disposal.

Cheers to social media!

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Meet the Newbies!

And then there were ten!

The Newbies

From left to right: Hailee Griesmar, Tim Barranco, and Katie Stanford.

1200 Light Street

Our office in the heart of Federal Hill, Baltimore.













Wading through piles of resumes, Lorax spent months of 2015 evaluating nearly 100 applicants. And we found three great ones!  

As of September 28, 2015, Tim Barranco joined the squad as our new Assistant Project Manager! With 3 years of experience in environmental engineering design and construction, Tim is the perfect fit for our expanding company.  When he isn’t at work, Tim spends much of his free time running, biking, and kayaking around the city.  Help us welcome Tim to the team!

You can see, we are settled into our new space, and all three new Assistant Project Managers, Katie, Hailee, and Tim, are quickly becoming key players on some of our most successful green building and sustainability projects.  Come stop by to check out our new digs and meet our new faces!


The group at Silo Point

Employee appreciation event at Silo Point Sky Lounge. From left to right: Maria Fiorelli, Katie Fink, Neal Fiorelli, Krystal O’Hara, Katie Stanford, Tim Barranco, Hailee Griesmar, Andrea Shoaf, Jackie Lusk, Kristy Fiorelli.

For Your Eyes Only!

For Your Eyes Only!

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.  10… 9… 8…

Lorax’s Department of Espionage and Intelligence added two new secret agents to the team during the week of August 3, 2015.  Agent Katie Stanford (aka Red Hawk) and Agent Hailee Griesmar (aka Snake Eyes) have integrated seamlessly into the extensive Lorax spy network.  Impressively, within their first week, they cracked the code to the Enigma and thwarted Goldfinger’s most evil plans.  We expect that they will be critical players in our upcoming missions.

Hailee and Katie

Secret Agent Training took place at the International Spy Museum at precisely 1000 hours on Friday, August 7, 2015.  See photo below as proof.  After meeting with our highly skilled agents last week, the International Spy Museum has already given Lorax their mission: to protect top secret information from getting into the wrong hands.  Intel leaking about their potential relocation and LEED certification to expand and escalate their spy training operations could cause global catastrophe.

Spy trip with out blocks


In order to accommodate our new secret agents and the growing number of upcoming missions, Lorax has moved the Uncle (our headquarters) to a larger space.  Based on your clearance level, you are authorized to know our otherwise undisclosed location.  The exact coordinates of Lorax Partnerships’ new office is 39.275907, -76.612492 also known as 1200 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.  All dead drops can be made at this location.

3… 2… 1… BOOM!!!



Lorax Reaps Benefits of Work from Home

This summer, Lorax is diverting CO2 emissions by working from home! 

For the first time ever, Lorax Partnerships has implemented a Friday Work from Home summer schedule.  During the 15 Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day, all Lorax Partnerships Employees are permitted to take their work home (or to the local coffee house, pool side, kitchen table, roof top deck, etc). 

Lorax Bunch

On Lorax’s very first Work from Home Friday, we are taking a step back to look at the benefits of working from home.  This new work from home policy increases productivity, cuts costs, and reduces Lorax’s carbon footprint. 

Poised and Productive

According to a Stanford University study, employees are more productive when working from home, than from the office.  In one case, worker’s productivity at CTrip, a Chinese based company, soared by 13% during a trial work from home period.  Work from home policies also increase job satisfaction creating better employee retention.  Employees who have work from home opportunities are 50% less likely to leave their company than their colleagues who are office bound.

Cutting Costs Creatively

By sending everyone home on Fridays, Lorax Partnerships is saving overhead costs.  Back in the office, lights are off, plug loads are minimized, air conditioning is reduced, toilets are going unflushed, and tap water is not flowing.  All of these reductions save money for Lorax.

Environment and Emissions

With our seven employees taken off the highways this summer, Lorax is dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.

Below is a table showing each employee’s contribution to Lorax’s carbon footprint reduction.  These calculations are based on 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per mile for medium cars.


Daily Commute Length

Daily CO2 Equivalent

Emissions Reduction Summer 2015


68.8 miles

75.68 lbs of CO2

1,135.2 lbs of CO2


18.2 miles

20.02 lbs of CO2

300.3 lbs of CO2


0.8 miles

0.88 lbs of CO2

13.2 lbs of CO2


42.8 miles

47.08 lbs of CO2

706.2 lbs of CO2


54.6 miles

60.06 lbs of CO2

900.9 lbs of CO2


36.6 miles

40.26 lbs of CO2

603.9 lbs of CO2


36.6 miles

40.26 lbs of CO2

603.9 lbs of CO2


258.4 miles

284.24 lbs of CO2

4,263.6 lbs of CO2


Over the course of 15 Fridays this summer, Lorax will divert 4,263.6 pounds of CO2… Continue reading

BIG NEWS: Lorax is Hiring!

Lorax Sun

Lorax Partnerships is Hiring!

Lorax Partnerships, LLC is seeking innovative new talent, inspired worker bees, and service oriented professionals.  We are a rapidly expanding company, with 236 projects under our belt, looking to increase our capacity while staying true to our mission. 

We are seeking talented, enthusiastic, and service oriented individuals with a myriad of business, technical and communications skills, to fill experienced and entry level Project Management positions.  The optimal candidate will possess strong writing and organizational skills.

Background in sustainability and green buildings, particularly in the commercial real estate or design and construction industries is a strong plus.  Previous experience should demonstrate an ability to deliver in a fast paced, schedule driven, work environment.  Proficiency with business office software such as MS Office products is a must.

We are interested in potential new employees from all walks of life, professional backgrounds, and experience levels that are capable of tackling a steep learning curve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: Provide our clients the means to minimize their environmental impact, where they work and how they work, while helping them save money and improve their bottom line.

What We Do

Lorax Partnerships provides sustainability and green building consulting services to building developers, owners, and occupants, as well as business owners, architects, and other real estate professionals interested in improving the environmental performance of their company, building or development project.

Our motivated and experienced project managers furnish building owners and developers with a single and knowledgeable point of contact for sustainable design, construction, and facilities management practices.

We work with organizations to integrate sustainability into overall business strategies through corporate environmental consulting; advising on waste management, energy usage, and operational efficiency.

We have depth and breadth of experience across a number of green building codes, standards, and rating systems.  Since our establishment in 2003, we have helped to streamline and expedite the building certification process for our clients in order to achieve their sustainability goals.

Who We Are

Lorax’s prime value to our clients and their project teams is our people.  The company consists of highly motivated and experienced staff that believes in the business, and what it stands for, and we are continually inspired by new challenges in a rapidly evolving industry.  All employees are accredited in one or more green building rating systems including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design… Continue reading