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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230





"I emphasize total-project teamwork with my
clients, and welcome the accurate,
professional, and user-friendly service that
Lorax brings to the job. Everyone benefits."

-Tom McCracken
McCracken Consulting LLC

Corporate Business Sustainability

Businesses of all types are being asked by stakeholders, employees, and customers what steps they are taking to operate more sustainably. What seems to separate organizations that have successfully demonstrated corporate business sustainability practices and those who have not, is the implementation of purposeful initiatives that are aligned with real economic benefits, and integrated in corporate culture.

Lorax can help assess and improve a company’s current methods by analyzing purchasing decisions, implementing usage and waste policies, and improving the operational efficiency of the building.  To implement lasting corporate business sustainability, Lorax provides training in environmental best practices, explores ideas through focus groups and planning sessions, and develops a corporate action plan with an execution timeline in collaboration with management and employees.