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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230




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"It has been a pleasure working with Lorax
on our latest LEED projects. Your early
involvement and teaming spirit has been a
major asset in developing our Green
approach for each project. Lorax has been
instrumental in tracking and pushing the
LEED certification process forward. We look
forward to continuing our relationship
on projects to come.

-Jayson Thoemke, AIA LEED AP
Colimore Thoemke Architects, Inc.

Other Services

Lorax Partnerships provides a whole host of other green building and sustainability consulting services.  These services include, but are not limited to the following.

APPA Audits

Lorax can assist your organization in creating, implementing, and enforcing green cleaning processes that meet or exceed APPA Custodial Effectiveness Audits as well as other health and sustainable requirements.  Starting with a low cost assessment we can help identify deficiencies and help to develop the procedure and training for custodial best practices in order to deliver a safe and clean work environment while maximizing APPA scoring.

ASHRAE Level I and II Audits

Lorax can facilitate energy and monetary savings through ASHRAE Level I and Level II Audits.

An ASHRAE Level I Audit provides an independent, third party review of a building’s energy performance and consumption by analyzing energy bills and a brief site visit.  The audit provides full, building-wide energy usage data and identifies savings and cost analysis for low-cost/no-cost measures to improve energy performance.

An ASHRAE Level II Audit is a more thorough audit building on information from the ASHRAE Level I Audit.  The ASHRAE Level II Audit is an analysis of the building’s operation and maintenance practices, constraints, and economic criteria.  The audit identifies potential capital-intensive measures, including costs and savings potential, as well as modifications that can be made to current operation and maintenance practices.


Lorax recognizes that often the difference in expected energy use between the design phase and occupancy phase of a building can often be attributed to improper control settings.  Commissioning can help. Commissioning is a process used to verify and document that a building, its energy systems, and its energy assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirement and can reduce energy usage, lower operating costs, and reduce change orders.

Feasibility Analysis

Lorax works with building owners and property management teams in gathering the necessary information to make an informed decision on pursuing sustainability goals and certifications. We assess costs, assist in team selection, develop a preliminary implementation plan, and identify available incentives and mandatory requirements to help determine what is feasible for each project and building owner. The analysis allows the owner or property manager to reduce the project risks associated with pursuing a selected certification, or retrofit project, before key information is known.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling uses computer simulation to calculate a building’s projected energy use against a calculated baseline using the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standard.  It is an effective way to compare costs and benefits of different energy savings strategies at multiple stages of the design phase of a project. 

Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Climate Action Plan

Lorax can help private and public organizations understand their impact on the environment through completing a company specific greenhouse gas inventory and developing an emissions reducing climate action plan.  Climate change is a global challenge with serious consequences for our social and economic infrastructure as well as the natural environment caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted mainly from burning fossil fuels. By developing an accounting system and an implementation plan, we can help to make an organization’s sustainability goals feasible.

Sustainability Training

Want to know what we know? Lorax can educate your team to incorporate sustainable best practices into the design, construction, and operations of your building through training sessions, learning modules, and specialized sustainability reference guides.

Sustainable Marketing

Lorax Partnerships can help spread the word about your sustainable project. As part of our marketing package, we develop signage, case studies, brochures, tours, press releases, grand opening events, as well as manage social media and website content to maximize your exposure. These strategies, along with a myriad of others, will ensure positive awareness from your target audience.

Design Charrettes

Our Charrette is developed to encourage interaction and teamwork, to enable participants to see other’s viewpoints, and think outside the traditional lines and boundaries of their field.  We have developed a one day session including the entire team, from building owners to the designers, in order to create consensus on sustainability goals as well as to educate all members. A team that works towards a design concept in an integrated manner will have a building that truly reflects the sustainability goals, and makes for smoother construction, operation, and occupancy.

Waste Audits

Disposing of waste can be a costly expense for many commercial buildings. A waste audit can help identify areas of opportunity for reducing waste disposal costs and determining more sustainable purchasing options, leading to a reduced waste stream, for building operations.