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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230





"PHH Vehicle Management Service was
very satisfied with the services provided
by Lorax LLC in obtaining the LEED
Certification for their building. With their
assistance and help we were able to move
quickly and smoothly through the process
and were able to obtain Certification. "

-Mary Burns, RPA
Property Manager
Cassidy/Turley Maryland

Sustainable Design & Construction

Our sustainable design and construction consulting services help organizations that seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve their building’s performance from the time of inception, while creating a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants when the doors open.

We utilize an integrated team approach in sustainable design and construction, which fosters holistic decision making without compromising the bottom line.

A sustainable philosophy includes the ability to optimize site potential, minimize energy consumption and incorporate renewable energy, use environmentally preferable products, protect and conserve water, increase indoor environmental quality, and enhance operation and maintenance practices in new and renovated construction projects.