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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230




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"One of the primary functions of a LEED
consultant is to translate the LEED language
to the English language. Lorax is great. They
do it with energy, enthusiasm, and humor."

-Gene Singleton
Summit Associates, LLC

Higher Education

Frostburg State University


CCBC Randallstown


Coppin State Athletic Center


Lorax Partnerships - Granite Falls


Lorax Partnerships - Hampton Inn


more projects


Lemur Conservation Foundation Lovejoy Dormitory

Owner: Lemur Conservation Foundation
Client: Steven Kahle Architects
Anticipated Living Building Challenge                                                                                                   



1812 Ashland Ave

Owner: Johns Hopkins University
Client: Johns Hopkins Health Systems
Anticipated LEED CI Equivalent                                                                                                  



Frostburg State University- Public Safety Building

Owner: Frostburg State University
Client: Design Collective
Anticipated LEED NC 2009 Silver                                                                                          



Blue Ridge Community College

Owner: Blue Ridge Community College
Client: Manekin Construction
LEED BD+C: New Construction v2009 Gold                                                                                                               


Lorax - Coppin State Athletic Center  

Coppin State Athletic Center

Owner: Coppin State University
Client: CSD
LEED NCv2.2 Silver

Copping State Athletic Center is the crown jewel of Coppin State’s athletic facilities is the Physical Education Complex, which was completed in the fall of 2009. The 246,000 square foot facility was completed at a cost of $136 million dollars and serves as the home for the Eagle’s basketball teams and the volleyball team.

Lorax - U.S. Naval Academy Child Development Center  

Towson University Health & Counseling Center

Owner: Towson University
Client: Plano-Coudon
Certification Level: LEED NCv2009 Anticipated Silver

The Towson University Health and Counseling Center project involved the renovation and adaptive reuse of Ward Hall and West Hall at Towson University, and the construction of a new addition to join the two existing buildings. Lorax worked as the LEED construction administrator for Plano-Coudon.


UM Pocomoke

Owner: University of Maryland College Park
Client: Grimm + Parker
Certification Level: LEED NCv2009 Gold

University of Maryland Pocomoke’s eco-friendly design incorporated over 81% of the existing structure into the new building, a feat not easily achieved. The building’s LEED Gold certification contributes to the University’s overall sustainability program and goals, and serves as a reminder that the most sustainable buildings are the ones that are already built.

Lorax -  

Salisbury University Dormitories – Manokin, Nanticoke, and Wicomico Halls

Owner: University of Maryland
Client: Nason Construction
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Gold                                                     


Lorax -  

Wexford Building I

Owner: Wexford Science + Technology
Client: Gaudreau Architects
Certification Level: LEED CSv2.0 Gold                                             


Lorax -  

UM Shuttle Facility

Owner: University of Maryland College Park
Client: Grimm + Parker
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Silver                                             


Lorax -  

UMB BioPark II & III

Owner: Wexford Science + Technologies
Client: Gaudreau Architects
Certification Level: LEED CSv2.0 & 3.0 Silver