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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230




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"PHH Vehicle Management Service was
very satisfied with the services provided
by Lorax LLC in obtaining the LEED
Certification for their building. With their
assistance and help we were able to move
quickly and smoothly through the process
and were able to obtain Certification. "

-Mary Burns, RPA
Property Manager
Cassidy/Turley Maryland

Labs & Warehouse

Piedmont Triad
Research Park


Mid Atlantic B & C


Knorr Brake Westminster


Lorax Partnerships - Granite Falls


Lorax Partnerships - Hampton Inn

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Owner: MEDCO
Client: Gaudreau Architects
LEED BD+C New Construction v2009 Silver
Case Study                                                                                   



Patuxent Range

Owner: Atapco Properties
Client: Atapco Properties
LEED CSv2009 Certified                                                                                                       



873 West Baltimore Street

Owner: Wexford Science and Technology
Client: Gaudreau Architects
Anticipated LEED BD+C: Core and Shell v2009 Silver                                                                                        


Lorax - Home 2 Suites  

Carmichael Building – Raleigh Durham, NC

Owner: Longfellow Real Estate Partners
Client: Gaudreau Architects
LEED BD+C: New Construction v2009  Silver

The Carmichael Building, located at 300 North Duke St. in Durham NC, was constructed by Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company as a Tobacco Warehouse in 1926. With the intent to redevelop the building, Longfellow Real Estate Partners, LLC acquired the property in 2012. During this time the owner signed a lease agreement with Duke University and the redevelopment consisted of the creation of bioresearch labs. Case Study


Consumer Products Safety Commission

Owner: U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission
Client: Gaudreau Architects
LEED CIv2009 Silver

Consumer Products Safety Commission incorporated a sophisticated Mechanical design that included daylighting controls and occupancy sensors to significantly reduce the energy consumption for lighting. This energy savings, along with the interior water savings, contributed to this project’s LEED CI certification.

Lorax -  

Hollander Ridge Distribution Center

Owner: H&S Bakery
Client: MRA
Certification Level: BCGBS 2 Stars                                                         


Lorax -  

Non-Medical Chemical & Biological Defense Facility

Owner: U.S. Department of the Army
Client: Bradley/Nason JV, LLC
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Gold                                                     


Lorax -  

Wexford Building I

Owner: Wexford Science + Technology
Client: Gaudreau Architects
Certification Level: LEED CSv2.0 Gold                                             


Lorax -  

UMB BioPark II & III

Owner: Wexford Science + Technologies
Client: Gaudreau Architects
Certification Level: LEED CSv2.0 & 3.0 Silver                                             


Lorax -  

Project Hatch

Owner: Harris Technologies
Client: Lee Technologies
Certification Level: LEED CIv3.0 Silver                                             


Lorax -  

HAVTECH / 9505 Berger Road

LEED BD+C: New Construction v2.2 Silver