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Lorax Partnerships, LLC
1200 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230




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"One of the primary functions of a LEED
consultant is to translate the LEED language
to the English language. Lorax is great. They
do it with energy, enthusiasm, and humor."

-Gene Singleton
Summit Associates, LLC

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Wilde Lake Village Center


Lorax Partnerships - Hampton Inn

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Salvation Army DMG Grocery Store

Owner: The Salvation Army
Client: Banta Campbell Architects
Certification Level: Anticipated LEED BD+C: New Construction v2009 Gold

DMG Foods, named after The Salvation Army motto Doing The Most Good, will be a 6,000 sq. ft. non-profit grocery store that will provide healthy and affordable food in east Baltimore for families and individuals already receiving SNAP benefits.


Market Building at Wilde Lake

Owner: Kimco Realty Corporation
Client: Kimco Realty Corporation
Anticipated LEED CS 2009 Silver                                                                                        


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Capitol Gateway Marketplace 

Owner: A & R Properties
Client: A & R Properties
Anticipated LEED BD+C: Core and Shell v2009 Silver                                                                                     



CVS at Wilde Lake – Columbia, MD

Owner: CVS Caremark
Client: JC BARProperties
LEED NC 2009 Certified

The Wilde Lake Village Center was approved as a LEED Master Site, allowing all other development on the site to more easily achieve LEED certification. This LEED certification closely aligns with CVS Health’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility platform. Case Study

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East Gate Building H – Chantilly, VA

Owner: Atapco Properties
Client: Atapco Properties
Certification Level: Certified

This LEED certified project currently shares a campus with 3 Retail Core and Shell LEED buildings and 1 Commercial Building. The whole East Gate Marketplace was the first LEED Certified Shopping Center in Northern Virginia.


Harris Teeter #332

Owner: Harris Teeter
Client: Harris Teeter
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Silver

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, this chain grocery store incorporated innovative refrigeration units, making the refrigerant load almost 85% less than a conventional grocery store. The grocery store chain also established a companywide program called “my earth” in order to take steps to green our future, including pursuing LEED certification, joining EPA’s WasteWise program to reduce landfill waste, as well as joining EPA’s GreenChill program to promote the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants.


Ft. Evans Plaza II

Owner: M&T Bank
Client: Ammon Hiesler Sachs Design
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Silver

Ft. Evans Plaza II was the third M&T Bank to be LEED certified as a part of their effort to incorporate sustainability not only in their corporate operations, but in their local branches, as well.


Towson Square

Owner: Heritage Properties and The Cordish Companies
Client: Heritage Properties
Certification Level: LEED NCv2009 Anticipated Silver

Towson Square is another development venture by Heritage Properties and The Cordish Companies. The new project includes a 2,500-seat multiplex CineMark movie theater featuring XD entertainment, a new wall-to-wall screen, wrap-around sound, and maximum entertainment experience. The project’s site has also been LEED-approved through the Green Building Certification Institute to facilitate the construction of future LEED projects on the site.

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CVS Pharmacy 1461

Owner: CVS
Client: KBR Corporation
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Certified                                                     


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TD Banks

Owner: TD Bank
Client: Herman Stewart Construction
Certification Level: LEED NCv3.0 and CIv3.0 Gold                                                     


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Washington Gas

Owner: Washington Gas
Client: FOX Architects
Certification Level: LEED NCv2.2 Gold                                             


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Redland Center II & III

Owner: Persues Realty
Client: DNC Architects
Certification Level: LEED CSv2.0 Gold                                             


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M&T Banks

Owner: M&T Bank
Client: Notari & Associates
LEED BD+C: New Construction v2.2 Certified                                             


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East Gate Retail Building B&D

Owner: Atapco Properties
Client: Atapco Properties
LEED BD+C: Core and Shell v2.0 Gold